we should be in scotland

hobby logoWe should be in Scotland now. Everything was planned. Bookings had been made at camp sites en-route to our favourite scenic location. Well in advance we arranged good weather for June. The motor home is fully serviced and primed for action. MP3 players are laden with my favourite jazz numbers. And then Mrs Subbuteo received news to prompt us to put life on hold – the hospital called her back “for further investigation.”

After a tremulous week of nervous anticipation, the clinic’s doctor studied the images and declared it harmless. “I’m sorry to have worried you needlessly,” he apologised. Mrs Subbuteo was too euphoric to care. She rushed out of the hospital with tears of relief on her cheeks. I followed, equally relieved and happy. I don’t show it usually, but I do love her still.

Later in the evening, Mrs Subbuteo remembered that today is our wedding anniversary. I’m so fortunate to be married to a woman with a memory as frail as mine. Thirty-one years. Sometime we’ll have to celebrate one of our anniversaries. We can’t leave it until our golden wedding anniversary because I’ve calculated that I’m due to die on 27th June 2027, which will have given us about 48 years of marriage and me my lifetime quota of 3 billion heartbeats.

The funny thing is that Scotland seems inaccessible now. We’re only a week late, yet somehow the impetus to rush back to the Highlands has waned. Instead, we’re looking at changed priorities, such as taking advantage of the government scheme to scrap ancient cars, moving house and fitting the new tap in our motor home’s kitchen. Perhaps we’ll undertake a few short trips and leave Scotland until the autumn, maybe even trying to get to Braemar for the games. In the meantime, I can varnish the dining room floor and paint the rear gable of the house.

We’ve been let down by the Met Office anyway. Who cares! The weather may be gloomy now but the outlook is infinitely brighter.


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